Features That Are Worth Paying More for When Buying a Utility Trailer

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Features That Are Worth Paying More for When Buying a Utility Trailer

Utility trailers come with many different optional features, and most of these affect the price of a trailer. While some features might not be applicable to your intended use of a trailer, there are others that are extremely helpful to have regardless of your needs. If you're buying a utility trailer, here are some features that are worth paying more for no matter how you intend to use the trailer.

Durable Frame

Utility trailers all generally have a basic box shape, but there are a few ways the foundation of this shape can be framed. Three common framing methods for utility trailers include:

  • Angle iron frames, which are made from L-shaped steel that has a bottom and one side
  • Channel iron frames, which are made from U-shaped steel that has a bottom and two sides
  • Box tubing frames, which are made from box-shaped steel that has a bottom, a top and two sides

Angle iron frames are the least expensive frames, but they're also the least strong ones because the steel pieces only have a bottom and one side. 

Utility trailers made from channel iron or box tubing cost more because there's more material used in the construction of the frame, but the material cost increase is only minimal. The increase in strength is much greater than the slight increase in price, and these utility trailers are much more suitable for most jobs.

With a channel iron or box tubing frame, your utility trailer will be able to carry heavier loads, will last longer, and will be worth more if you sell it.

Spare Tire

A spare tire is a small addition to a utility trailer and shouldn't cost too much. It's also easy to secure a spare tire to a utility trailer, either stowing it inside a covered trailer or strapping it to an uncovered trailer's side. 

Should you ever have a flat tire while towing the trailer, you'll be extremely glad you got a trailer that included a spare tire.

Angled Front End

If you're purchasing an enclosed utility trailer, make sure to get one that has an angled front end. Even if such a model costs much more than one that's just a standard box, the angled front end will have two major benefits. It'll give you a little more room inside the trailer to stow items, and it'll help reduce wind resistance. The reduction in wind resistance will increase fuel mileage.

There are lots of options to consider when buying a utility trailer, so take your time and for the one that best fits your needs, whatever they may be.

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