Three Unique Car Modifications To Buy The Hip Hop Fan In Your Life

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Three Unique Car Modifications To Buy The Hip Hop Fan In Your Life

Some hip hop stars go hand-in-hand with car modification culture. Perhaps the most famous example is Xzibit, who, in addition to his music, is famous for the show Pimp My Ride. In the show, he customizes enthusiasts' cars, primarily with over-the-top aesthetic modifications. You also see a lot of custom bling accessories bolted to exotic and classic cars strewn throughout rap videos.

Unlike other car enthusiast cliques, which tend to focus on performance modifications, hip hop fans tend to prefer flashy appearance mods such as custom interiors, rims, and exterior body accessories. With that in mind, here are some cool birthday gift ideas to get for the hip hop car enthusiast in your life.

Custom Interior Upholstery

Though you can't usually see it from the outside, a car's interior is the most obvious place to start if you want to build a custom car fit for hip hop culture. It's the place the driver spends all of their time, and it's an easy way to show off to passengers.

Start off by gifting your friend some seats wrapped in custom upholstery. It will transform the interior look of their car while giving them a more comfortable place to sit while cruising. Go with something flashy like custom leather with colored stitching. Alternatively, you can truly embrace the bling status by wrapping the seats in an over-the-top upholstery like colored velvet or shag carpet.

Move on to dressing up the dashboard with matching upholstery to really make the interior stand out. Add a bright finishing touch by installing custom colored lighting in the floor wells and ceiling lights.

Custom Chrome Wheels

Another easy way to transform the look of any car is to install a custom set of wheels. When it comes to embracing hip hop culture, it's best to go with something really flashy. Throw on a set of large wheels that are at least 20 inches in diameter. Make sure they're finished off in chrome to truly give the car's exterior even more bling status.

Custom Body Panels and Spoilers

Accentuate the car's exterior look with a set of custom body panels. Go with something flashy, such as vented front fenders, a front bumper with a large air dam capped with a chrome grill, and a vented rear bumper with a large lower opening that shows off the exhaust system's mufflers. You can also throw on a set of chrome muffler tips to add some additional bling to the rear of the car.

Finish off the car's exterior with a set of custom spoilers. The most effective way to transform the car's aesthetic is the rear trunk spoiler, which stands out far more than the other spoilers. However, throwing on a custom front air splitter and lower rear bumper spoiler is also a good way to accentuate the look of the car, giving it an aggressive and exotic aesthetic that allows it to stand out from standard models.

For more information on customization and car parts, contact a local auto detailer.

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