Four Things To Look For When Shopping For A Roadside Assistance Plan

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Four Things To Look For When Shopping For A Roadside Assistance Plan

There are many different roadside assistance plans on the market. Some of them are integrated into an auto insurance policy, but many of them can be purchased from companies that specialize in providing this type of service. Although towing is an obvious part of roadside assistance, there are other important services you should look for. The following are a few of them.

They can jump-start your car 

A roadside assistance plan should always cover an attempt to start your car. Often this means a jump-start for your battery. If you turn the ignition and nothing happens, this is usually the problem. But if there is an issue with your solenoid, for example, a service technician may be able to jump the solenoid to start your car. If your car cannot be started, it will be towed to the nearest service facility.

They can provide flat tire services

Not everyone can change a tire, but even if you can, the area you're in may be isolated, so you feel unsafe outside your car. A service vehicle can come to your car and change the tire for you. It may be possible to make a temporary repair to the tire, so you can get to the nearest auto shop to get a new tire.

They can bring you gasoline

If by chance you weren't paying attention to your gas gauge, or you were simply pushing your luck, roadside services can include gasoline. Usually, this is limited to a gallon of gas. It could be a little more, but it will only be enough to get you to the nearest gas station.

They can Unlock your car

Most people have had the experience of being locked out of their car, but rather than call a locksmith, you can simply call your roadside service company. This is convenient because you don't have to trouble yourself with finding a locksmith. Perhaps you are in a parking lot, or maybe your car is at work or on your driveway at home, but one call to a number you have stored in your phone, and your problem is solved.

Although most people would agree that it is important to have a roadside assistance plan, it is important to have a plan that includes everything you think you'll need. It is easy to find a discount plan that covers towing and little else, but there are many aspects to a good plan you should look for. Among these are getting your car started, tire services, unlocking your car, and bringing you gasoline. If all else fails, they can tow your car to a nearby auto service facility and give you a ride as well.

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